Enmasse Tea Merchants was founded in 2011 with the aim of elevating the art of daily tea drinking: our strong regard for tradition and healthy living are matched with a passion for innovative tea blending. Our teas are like no other. All are blended in Cape Town and where feasible we source products locally.


No 01


A classic plain organic rooibos tea for the discerning tea drinker. The depth of flavour in this premium quality single estate rooibos tea is incomparable. Brew for as long as possible. Caffeine free.

No 04


An aromatic black tea for those who like a traditional cup of English or Breakfast tea. This tea, of Vietnamese origin, has a medium full body and can be complemented with milk. Black or blends well with milk or milk alternatives.

No 05


Respect returns to the Grey lineage with this punchy yet delicate aromatic bergamot and black tea blend. We use natural bergamot oil which, with caffeine, can boost energy levels. Blends well with milk or milk alternatives

No 06


This single estate organic green tea with extra long needles produces a complex range of flavours with no bitter tannins or caffeine. Unique to the Western Cape. Caffeine free. Blends well with: 07, 10, 12

No 10


The sleep and anxiety specialist. A calming infusion of camomile, lavender, valerian and green rooibos. This herbal tea is often referred to as our sleepy tea! Caffeine and stress free. Blends well with: 06, 07, 13, 15