= Twilight Zone Tea + No 03 Linen Spray


HOW TO Sleep 101

What you need:

No. 10 Twilight Zone
This tea is a soothing combination of camomile, valerian and lavender. A faint trace of organic honey flavour brings these calming ingredients together into something that smells and tastes like a sweet dream. Note, organic honey flavour is the natural essence of honey without sugar. Enmasse tea lovers regularly liken this tea to a natural sleeping pill.

No. 03 Linen Spray
This signature aromatic is believed to be effective in improving sleep and managing anxiety. The combination of Cedarwood, French Tarragon, Carrot Seed & Jasmine essential oils is grounding and will help clear the path to silencing your mind.

The Sleep Program:

  • In the 90minutes before going to sleep make yourself a pot of Twilight Zone tea. If the kettle is still warm from the coffee you made earlier you have a problem (refer to effects of caffeine on sleeping patterns using the world wide web).
  • Add one teaspoon of Twilight Zone per 250ml of boiling water.
  • Put your mobile phone away and avoid social media and all news channels for the last hour.
  • 30 minutes before sleeping lightly spray No. 03 Linen Spray on your bed, pillow and on your pyjamas (which you are already wearing).
  • Set your alarm clock.

Sweet dreams…